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Kendo Battle

10 Essential Tips for Beginners

October 19th, 2018

Starting out in the martial arts may seem like a dauntless task but it doesn't need to be. These ten tips can help you make the most out of the beginning of your martial arts journey:

1. Have fun!

Even though you may be nervous, remember that you are starting this to enjoy it, so make sure you do!

​2. Check your ego at the door

Remember, you are the one who is looking to learn. Be a diligent learner by listening, not interrupting the instructor, don't think that you know better than everyone else and remember that this is training, not the showdown at the end of the movie, so take it easy at first.. By doing this, you open your mind to be the best you can be.

3. Don't fear failing

We all make mistakes and mess up, especially in the beginning. The best way to learn is by making those mistakes and learning from them. If you don't give yourself the room to fail, you'll never learn.

4. Show up early

To be on time is to be late, especially if you have to change to be ready for class. Always try to show up early for class.

5. Practice good hygiene

Make sure you always show up with clean equipment and that your are properly groomed. There's nothing worse than a smelly training partner with razors for toenails. 

6. Take notes and ask questions

Taking notes is a great way to keep track of all the new information that

is being presented to you. Ask question to clarify things when appropriate, but remember to respect the instructor and don't interrupt or speak over him or her.

7. Don't be afraid to sweat

Everyone is on different levels when it comes to athleticism and physical ability. Always try to achieve your best results and remember to always strive to do one more repetition than you think you can.

8. Be Patient

Just like any new skill, learning martial arts take time and patience. Don't expect to master it overnight. Patience and persistence are far more important than athleticism. 

9. Stretch

Just like any physical activity, stretching is very important in martial arts practice. By stretching on a regular basis, we keep our muscles flexible, strong and healthy, this helps to prevent injuries.

10. Recover

Speaking on the topic of injury, recovery is one of the most important and sometimes most overlooked parts of martial arts training. Proper recovery helps to prevent injuries, allows your body to heal and allows your brain to mentally recover. Not only do the martial arts tax your body physically, but also mentally as well. The large mount of stress we place on our bodies and minds requires us to allow for ample rest and recovery time.

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