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Our Story

The idea for Ronin Martial Arts Academy has been in development for over a decade before it was finally opened with it's first class in October 2018.


Starting out in a small 490 square foot room, Ronin Martial Arts Academy was founded to be a different kind of martial arts school. With that in mind, our curriculum began to develop as a school in which the old ways have joined with the new.


The school has grown from it's humble beginnings into it's current  facility with a full heavy bag rack, stand alone bags, weight and fitness equipment, pro shop, waiting area and changing rooms.

Our Philosophy

The term Ronin is a Japanese word meaning "a wandering Samurai who has no lord or master."​ This term is the cornerstone of our school and it's philosophy behind martial arts.

Ronin has two distinct meanings for our school.


First, Sensei Adam personifies the modern day Ronin as a martial artist who has no master or instructor nearby. After originally moving to Rochester, NY and training at a few schools in the area, he longed for someplace like where he had come from and sought to create it.


Secondly, Adam sought to make a community for others like himself who felt lost or were wandering. He wanted them to be able to find themselves or a place that they belong in order to better themselves. Hence the symbol in most of our Ronin Logos: 

The Ronin Kanji representing the masterless warrior is encircled by the open Enso Circle from Zen Buddhism representing the furtherance towards enlightenment and peace.

We use this idea everyday in our classes, to continually improve ourselves within our dojo and to use the lessons learned in our everyday lives as well.

“You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain.”

— Miyamoto Musashi

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